1. 伝統ゲーム
5. 無料スナック
6. お土産ブース


1. Traditional Games
Try to play ‘engklek’, ‘kelereng’, ‘bekel’,’dakon’, etc,. The games are childhood games played since the era before gadgets. In the old days all you need to have fun are stuffs around you, creativity, and friends to have fun with. Play with us!
2. Traditional Music
Try to play the Indonesian instrument. Hit the ‘gendang’, shake the ‘angklung, pick the ‘kecapi’ and be amazed with the sound you just produce.
3. Photobooth
Indonesian traditional costumes are part of our heritage passed on through generations. In the old days some costumes could only be worn on special occasions or special peoples. Try to wear the costumes and take a picture at the photo booth.
4. Photo Exhibition
Indonesian Archipelago is known for the beauty of its nature. Bali island is recognized as the most designated tourism site, but Indonesia is not only Bali. Check out the photo exhibition revealing the natural beauty of Indonesia.
5. Free Snacks
Try Indonesian traditional snacks brought in right away from Indonesia only for our guest.
6. Souvenirs booth
You would want something to commemorates today’s excitement, check out our souvenirs booths and choose whatever you like.