FESTINA 2017の紹介

インドネシアは300以上の民族で構成された多文化の国です。各民族は何世紀にもわたっていた独自の文化、芸術、宗教、言語、伝統を持っている。インドネシア共和国の一部として、在日インドネシア学生協会宮城支部は、、インドネシアの文化を維持し、宮城周辺の方々に披露する義務があります。その思いを込めてFESTINA 2017「多様性 の中の統一」を実施します。本イベントでは、地域のサークルなどと共に在日インドネシア留学生協会が文化と芸術と公演 を披露します。


Indonesia is a multicultural country which consist of more than 300 ethnic gropus which is each of them come along with their own unique culture, art, religion, language and tradition that has been developed over centuries of history. As part of the Indonesian nation the Indonesian student association in Miyagi has a duty to preserve and promote Indonesian culture among the locals. Therefore, we express its intention to organize FESTINA 2017 : Unity in Diversity.  In this festival, arts and cultural performances will be displayed by  Indonesian student in collaboration with local organization.

Following the succes of the previous event, FESTINA 2016, the main purpose of the festival is to strengthen the friendship between Indonesia and Japan as well as to give an opportunity for all international students who come from different countries to  experience the diversity of Indonesia.